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Adrien Mezsi – 1987 / Shadows

Genre : House
Label : Camel Rider Music
Quality : 320kbps / 44.1KHz
Released Date : 11 January 2011
More Info : Beatport

Adrien Mezsi – 1987 (Original Mix)
Adrien Mezsi – Shadows (Original Mix)

Adrien Mezsi has arrived. Born and raised in Los Angeles, Adrien is yet another reason why LA is the place to be in the electronic music scene at the moment! This 2 track EP is a dancefloor stomper. 1987 is an epic workout with a HUGE arp that gives way to a beautiful stirring break. Shadows, leans towards the techier side of things and is sure to wear your legs out. Get ready its just the beginning for Adrien Mezsi!

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